Saturday, August 16, 2008

Park Photo shoot with Chandler, Owen & Hayden

I took these pictures of my three boys at a park in Tallahassee, FL. It is one of the chain of parks that is located down from the Double Tree Hotel on Park Ave. I saw this pavilion and thought it would make a great place for their pictures. They turned out really nice.
Hayden at 3 years old, posing just like I asked him too.
Owen, what a beautiful smile. He was very cooperative also.
Chandler, not so cooperative, but still a good shot. Children don't always do what you want them to, but take the picture anyway, it will help you remember the way they were when they are grown up. They are only little once. I have many pout pictures of all 3 of my boys.
Owen and Hayden. I wanted to have Chandler standing behind them, but he didn't want to.

Owen and Hayden again with a different perspective. Cute brothers are these 3 boys. Thank you for letting me, your mom take your pictures today. I really enjoy asking you to "Say Cheese" all the time. You so photogenic, so hopefully you are getting used to having your pictures taken by me. I love you boys!

Hayden and Owen hanging out on a cool tree branch. They both were trying to climb up on it, and so I took their picture when they got still.

Chandler, Owen & Hayden on a bench, being boys.


Katy Lin :) said...

very very cute!

Wendy said...

Adorable! I feel inspired to do a photo shoot with my kids soon. It's been a long time. Sad!

ABOUT US said...

Hello I found your blog on the mormonmommyblog site. I love to take pictures even though I am not that great at it. I am going to take family picture tomorrow at a wonderful state park here in florida. I can't wait ot see how they turn out. My boys don't cooperate very much for pictures to be takin. I am also a single mother of 4 and work a full time job. Great picture of your boys. Have a great day, Annetta