Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dan & Gail's Family

I really enjoyed getting outside to take this family's pictures. The weather was beautiful in the evening and they all looked great in their black shirts and blue jeans. Thanks Danny, Gail, Brandi, Mike and Daniel for letting me take your pictures again, they turned out great.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nature what a beauty it is

I also love to take nature photographs. Sometimes I just stop on the side of the road if I see something that is worth taking a picture of. I love water and trees. Flowers are great too. I also enjoy watching the sunrise and the sun set by my house. We have a great view, and God creates beautiful works of art across the sky. Thank you.

At the Park

He was enjoying the feel of the sand on his fingers and toes. He just looks like he was meant to be there. What a fun day we had playing in the sand at the park.

Little Boys, Blue eyes

Here are a few cute shots of some beautiful blue eyed boys. They have those get lost in your eyes blue eyes. I am sure those eyes will become weapons one day. These pictures are not all taken on the same day. They were really good sports. Thanks boys for letting take your pictures all these years. I am looking forward to taking many more.

Sports photos

This is my oldest son. I took the photos of the players and his team. They turned out really well. I like the lockers in the background, and the ball in front of them. If you would like your team's pictures taken please contact me. I can add their name(s) and team name at the bottom of the picture also.